Do you know about strongest earthquake ever?

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We have seen so many instances where our mother nature created havoc to human life. Tsunami is one of such occurence which resulted in huge loss of life and property. Study shows that Tsunami was the result of an earthquake beneath the sea surface, which created huge waves that surfaces on land and completelly washed away many sea side cities , towns and islands. Japan, Srilanka, Indonesia & India are the worst affected region.

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Yesterday , I was studying about earthquake and learned few things which I thought to share. Our earth is made up of different layers. The upper most layers is made up different slabs which we call tectonics plate. When the tectonic plates slide over one another, due to movement and friction it cause vibrations that spread in all directions. And we feel shaking grounds beneath our feet.

There were many instances where earthquake caused huge devastation across the world. India, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan and other countries have suffered huge losses from time to time. But do you ever know , which was the strongest earthquake that human ever suffered??

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Let me share this interesting fact. Valdivia Earthquake is the most powerful quake that humans ever experienced. The most powerful earthquake to ever be recorded shook land for approximately 10 seconds in 1960. The main epicentre was the valdivia city of the great country Chile. That is why it is termed as Valdivian Earthquake.

This was the biggest jolt to humans from mother nature in recorded history. The mighty quake occurred on the afyernoon of May 22, 1960. And resulted in Tsunami. Waves as huge as 82 feet or 25 metres wreaked havoc on Chile’s coast. This quake causes huge loss to the country.

This is interesting, how things fold up underneath our feet and we are notvawsre of anything. Never knew , how and when we get affected with such shaking ground.

Hope you enjoy reading the interesting yet scary facts about earthquake.

Learning is Passion!!

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