Camera lenses are Round , then why we get a Rectangular image?

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Who does not love photography? Snapping a picture, selfie and doing a photoshoot is now a common trend. The innovation of smart phone makes it easier for everyone to show their photography skills. Be it kid, adult or old, everybody is busy with their mobile Camera. Infact whenever anybody wants to buy a new phone they always look out for Camera quality. The best and easiest way to capture all moments with a click.

Nowadays many mobile companies are launching new mobile model, with sole focus on their Camera quality. High resolution camera are in high demand. The craze for camera is unlimited but in persuit of snapping a good picture we all missed out on its basic function. We all own a camera in form of Mobile or real Digital equipment, but have we ever bothered to know why the picture comes out to be square or rectangle, when the camera lenses of every mobile phone or a digital camera are in round shape??

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I do engage with this question a number of times but unable to get a proper answer. But my obsession to draw eyes and retina in my idle time gave me an impression that the answer to this question lies somewhere in it. Today I manage to get some facts about it.

A Camera works in close proximity like our Eyes does. The most common thing between the camera lens and the structure of our eyes is that they both are round in shape. The retina of the eye is round, similarly the lens of the camera was also made round. When a human eye see something it makes a rectangular impression on back of our mind. We might have notice, that while we focus on some objects tbrough eyes, all other things around the object gets blurred. Likewise when we try to capture an image using a camera, we always wants the object to be in centre to get a perfect picture.

This is how camera works as well. The camera sensor is rectangular in shape. So when we click sonething, through the round lenses, it blurr out the edges and other stuff while keeping a square images right in front.

my own drawing

The round circular lenses on camera helps in focussing on the objects. This is really an interesting topic, which we ignore completelly while taking pictures. But now we must think and take a note while focussing on the photo object. This will help in getting a good shot.

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