The Simplest Practical Method of Teaching Basic 8 Science on Pressure in Fluid Using Demonstration Method with the Apparatus: Explosive bottle, Water & Liver Salt

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Hello Dear Teachers and Colleagues from the Science bias!, There are many Science Teachers who find difficult to teach certain topics in basic levels, such topics like atoms & elements, chemical compounds, pressure and etc. This may be due to less knowledge about the subject matter or the content; or they are reluctant to research for the requisite resource materials and the best method to deliver that lesson. In most Science lesson where teaching and learning materials are insufficient, improvisation helps a lot. Every Science Teacher will bear with me that, learners understand the concept of the lesson better when the facilitator uses practical demonstration than lecture method. But many Teachers have misconception that using practical demonstration is a waste of time, which is certainly not true.

In order to help my Colleagues Science Teachers, I have I'm coming out with the systematic approach in teaching pressure in fluid using demonstration method:

In simplified form:

The Apparatus needed for this demonstration are:

  • An Explosive bottle covered with it lid.
  • Liver salt(not expired one)
  • Water


  • Open the lid of the explosive bottle
  • cut the edge of the liver salt open and pour it into the explosive bottle
  • Pour about half full of water into the liver salt contained in the explosive bottle.
  • Cover the container immediately with its lid. Do not shake it.

Observe the action of the gas in the explosive bottle for just few seconds.

Bubbles of molecules will spread quickly as possible in the container in order to make their ways out. This increases the kinetic energy of the molecules and expand the explosive bottle. What happens is that, the lid opens with pressure making pop sound, and all the bottle, gas and the liquid splash out.


When you perform this practical demonstration in your classroom, allow your learners to repeat the same process while you guide them for understanding.

Cheers friends, I hope you love this approach. Let's help make Science teaching easy! Until I come your way, stay blessed.