A Controversial Definition of Satellite[Science]

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Dear friends in teaching enviros, we should always consult many different kinds of books in the course of teaching a certain concept. We aren't repository of all knowledge in the World that's why we can also consult other colleagues that handle the same subject content in order to broaden our knowledge.

The problem of the day!:

What is the correct definition of a satellite?

Many science books and even other science teachers are misleading us with the definition of a satellite. In Ghana where I live, I have seen several science books repeating the same incorrect definition of satellite over and over. Because some of the teachers too lack the zeal to research and place the correct definition at where it should be they have turned a deaf ear.

The incorrect:

"Satellite is a heavenly body that moves around a planet/planets"

This definition is incomplete to our understanding as scientists. First of all, heavenly bodies are substances that have been launched by God in space; the moon, the stars, the sun, the meteors, the asteriods, the comets and including the Eight planets. Secondly, we have artificial and natural satellites, which means that it's not heavenly body satellites found in space, man made satellites too.

This weak definition of satellite call for our attention to redifine satellite to encompass both natural and artificial satellites. Because the resultant effect is we will end up by polluting our students.

The correct definition should be:

"A satellite is a body launch in space that move around a planet/planets or smaller bodies."

I think this definition is more clarified to cater for both natural and artificial satellites, since the use of the word body can mean for any object(artificial or natural). You can also share your opinion of what you think of.