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Hey there I hope you all community members will be fine and protected from Little monster Covid-19, today I would like to raise some issue of online education in Pakistan. I hope after reading my article you will think about it. Is online learning effective or not in this situation?
The development of a country depends on the education of the country. The nations that gave importance to education are the developed nations of the world today.
The virus has claimed the lives of millions of people. Not only has it affected the country's economy, but it has also had the biggest impact on the country's education system. But after some time of caution, shopping malls and restaurants were opened. But the school closed and continued teaching online. How many children do not have mobiles, computers and basic facilities and therefore could not continue their education. If Corona doesn't affect shopping malls and restaurants, why are educational institutions closed? Does it affect only those who get education? Schools and universities were closed in Pakistan. The rest of life went on as usual.
Online exams have taken away the interest of children to study. The young man of Pakistan who are the architect of this country. And the future of the country is in danger as it has been passed without any effort. Pakistan's education system is very poor. It has been done so far. Now the students do not want to give the papers in the traditional way. After the end of the lockdown, when it was announced to take the papers from the students, the students started protesting. They started demanding online papers.
The Minister of Education should take precautionary measures and conduct examinations in schools and universities to improve the education system. Corona virus is spreading all over the world in the current era. The whole world is in its grip. This is the third wave of it. In view of the current situation in Pakistan again, lockdown has been announced in the country. Educational institutions have been closed. And the biggest disadvantage is education. But because of the Internet, education and teaching continue online. There are disadvantages to the Internet. There are advantages as well. Education plays an important role in continuing education. The advantage of online teaching is that not every child has to pay attention separately and time is saved. It is clear. Due to the large number of students in the class, the voice is not heard and the less speaking students who lack self-confidence also get a chance to speak in online teaching.


There are some disadvantages of internet and advantages too, many of students are using internet positively and they use to get their education by internet. And there are few them who are killing their time on internet by browsing unnecessary things. In today’s era when students are bound to get education by online on internet, government should facilitated students by decreasing the price of internet packages because its only the source now by which students are able to get educated in pandemic situation. If fact the students of government institute sector can’t afford expensive internet packages to take online classes. So Telecommunication authorities and Government should think about the poor students so that they can get education easily in hard situation.

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