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There is a question in everyone's mind, why the ship did not sink? We know that a ship has a certain amount of weight and there is space in the ship A ship occupies a certain amount of space We also know that water has a certain amount of weight. Water density is 997 kg /m³. If the weight of the ship is less than the weight of the water in the volume of the ship then the ship will be floating.

The weight of the ship is less than the weight of water because there is space in the ship. In ancient times ships were made of wood. At that time people thought that a ship floats because it is made of wood. Now ships are made of iron The weight of iron is many times greater than the weight of wood. However, the reason the ship floats in the water is because no matter how much the iron weighs, the amount of iron in the ship is less than the amount of water that has been removed by the ship, so the ship floats. As a result, the ship is floating Now suppose the name of a ship is mb500. This ship is capable of carrying 5000 kg This ship weighs 15000 kg. When this ship floats in the water, it will first remove 15,000 kg of water and then the part that will remain floating will sink if more than 5000 kg of water rises in that part of the ship. This ship removes an amount of water equal to its own weight that survives for the area that the ship does not sink.

You can do this test with a bottle Leave a bottle in the water first. Then you can see that some part of the bottle is submerged in water. Mark the part of the bottle that is submerged with water with a pen and fill it with water up to the place marked by that pen. Now weigh that water. You can see that the weight of that water is equal to the weight of the bottle. This will allow you to easily understand why the bottle is floating on the water. ৷This is how it can float on ships and water. Although it is made of iron Large ships require a lot of iron. Similarly, these ships have a huge volume. As a result, the water, which is equal to the weight of the iron, is removed from the ship bottom area and it floats away due to the space left by the ship. I hope you understand the matter

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