Maths is Fun : How to Teach Maths Creatively (Tips for Teacher)

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Mathematics has always been one of the subjects that the majority of students dislike, I don't know the exact reason. However, many students do not like this lesson. either because it is too complicated for them or there is a special reason for each student. But for sure, the difficulty level of a lesson is different and no lesson is too hard or too easy. They all have their own characteristics.

related to mathematics, of course for some people this is a fun lesson, it certainly cannot be separated from the focus and desire or desire to know more about this lesson.

OK, tonight I want to write a review about creative tips which we can use to teach mathematics and provide a learning process that is fun or not boring for students. Please take a look.

Teaching with contextual methods.

Contextual learning methods can be one of the right alternatives for us in educating and presenting fun mathematical concepts. We can use this learning model by including mathematics teaching aids as well as bringing related things or close to everyday life in the learning process.

For example, when teaching about rectangles, we can use the media that is around such as blackboards, doors, tables, etc so that the material we teach can be quickly understood, and the learning process will be more fun and less boring.

Teach math with the right concepts.

Mathematics is a science that must provide a correct understanding of concepts. So that it must be accompanied by the method or way we teach with the right things too. This will be the key to success for the teacher in making students understand the material.

Cultivating a “math is fun” mindset

Yes, it is commonplace for us that we often view mathematics as a one of those complicated and difficult and troublesome lessons. Until without us knowing, it will plant a bad mindset in our mindset about mathematics. Even though mathematics is not necessarily that bad and difficult.

So, it is important for teachers to first instill a mindset for students that math is fun. By instilling the right mindset in student, will have major implications for the student's paradigm of mathematics.

in addition to some of the creative ways I have outlined above, There are also several other ways of teaching mathematics, including: Apply the right models, methods, techniques and approaches practice in a simple way, and measure students' initial understanding of the material to be given.

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I love math. It is my favorite class in school.

Mathematics is necessary, whether we like it or not.


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Hola. Genial tu post porque las matemáticas, sobre todo para los más pequeños tienden a ser muy abstractas; esta información permite ampliar y diversificar las actividades.
Gracias por compartir.