Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices

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Mathematics is a subject that is difficult to understand, many students feel depressed when following this lesson. Only a few really understand and enjoy the mathematical learning procession. Various formulas, is one of the things that causes students to not easily understand mathematics, so they feel pressured.

In this case, the teacher should have a role to eliminate the negative impression of mathematics from students and make the students enjoy the lesson. Because mathematics is very useful in everyday life, I share the following tips for teachers to overcome the difficulties of learning mathematics in students.

Monitoring Students Who Don't Understand and Have Difficulties.

One of the main tasks of the teacher is making sure the students he teaches understand each lesson delivered if there who do not understand the teacher must evaluate because the level of intelligence of students varies. So, the teacher must know which students are indeed smart, and also have to know students who have difficulty understanding the lesson.

This is a good grouping because the direction and purpose are positive. Students who are not fast or cannot understand the lesson especially mathematics must be given more attention, so they don't get left behind the others.

Using Examples of Daily Activities.

Having many ways is one of the qualities that a teacher must have, when students cannot understand mathematics, then the teacher should provide an explanation that is accompanied by examples that are closely related to students' daily lives.

The teacher can use objects to teach the concept of arithmetic like stationery, furniture, or food. In this way, the teacher can invite students to think contextually, and also students will really enjoy every second of the learning process.

Using Tools

Tools or media are important aspects of mathematics. The presence of this tool can make students fast and easy to understand the lessons taught by the teacher. Students will find a clearer understanding when they use tools when searching for answers.


Personal Approach.

Especially for students who have difficulty learning mathematics, the teacher can approach personally, invite students to talk, ask what obstacles they have so that we can find the best solution.

After approaching and knowing the cause, the teacher can find a solution to overcome the difficulties of learning mathematics. The teacher not only functions as a teacher, just teach, but it must be a friend and friend for students so that learning objectives are achieved.

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