Stuck on A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 1 The De Rune Legacy (Ultrawide with Controller Viewer)

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Hey guys. I started playing this game called "A Plague Tale". It was a game on the Xbox Game Pass so I didn't have to pay extra money for it - yay. The graphics of this game looks insanely realistic, which is what made me try it out. Another reason is because there is a new sequel coming out, so I wanted to try the original game before playing the sequel.

In chapter one you are some sort of lord's daughter in medieval times. After hanging out with your dad in the jungle, unfortunately some strangers came to your mansion and killed everyone in it, trying to take your brother away. You managed to escape the mansion with your brother. Your mum escorted you for a lot of chapter one but eventually you are on your own.

I got stuck towards the end of chapter one. You can see in the video the precise point at which I got stuck - basically I didn't know where to throw the plates to distract the people looking for me. I kept dying because I threw the plates in the wrong place. Find out from my video how to get past the guards!

As with most of my current gaming videos, I have included a controller viewer so you can see which buttons I'm pressing, and I'm using an ultrawide resolution so you don't miss anything in the gaming footage!

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