PowerWash Simulator Xbox Game Pass - First tutorial with controller viewer

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As you guys know, I have purchased the Xbox series X with the game pass, so I take the opportunity to play new games that come out on the game pass and make videos of them - you can either just watch them to see what the game looks like before deciding whether to download it yourself, or if you want to learn how to play it, I make the video with the controller mapping so you can see exactly which keys I press.

This particular game was published by Square Enix, the company that made Final Fantasy. So I had very high expectations! The title was quite interesting - a game totally based on washing things? I did not think I would be interested in such a game. Never the less, I downloaded it. Since I already paid for a very long subscription to game pass, it does not cost me extra to play this game.

The first mission in career mode is a clean a super dirty van. You learn how to spray water with different sized nozzles at different angles, how to find out which areas need cleaning, how to clean areas with higher water pressure to get rid of the dirt, how to navigate around the room, duck down to clean the low areas and jump on top of things to reach the higher areas, looking at the log book to see which areas need cleaning etc.

I would recommend this game to anyone - it is easy to get started and maybe it will inspire you to clean your own car / house! (I'm seriously thinking about washing my car right now)

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Haha! I for one do not need inspiration to clean... Kudos!