Microsoft Powerpoint 365 - How to make a horizontal organisation chart with pictures

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Hello. Did you get a task from your boss to make an organisation chart that is horizontal? I can see some tutorials on the internet already for a vertical chart. However, a horizontal chart like the one in my thumbnail is actually not very easy to make. It took me a while to figure it out.

I started the tutorial with a vertical organisation chart so you can make the mental switch to a horizontal one easier. Then I covered how to make a horizontal one like the one in the thumbnail. Even though the textboxes looks like they are on different levels in the organisation, there are actually only two levels - the box to the very left is in the top level, and the rest of the boxes are all in the same level.

After getting the chart sorted, it's just a matter of getting some profile pictures and copying and pasting them into the slides. I got the pictures from pixabay so they are copyright free. I hope this tutorial helps you make an organisation chart!

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Appreciate the share!

Thanks for the tutorial. This will definitely be useful. Maybe not now, but definitely in the future. 😊


Thanks mate. I usually only make a tutorial if someone asked me a question. So it helped someone :)

Hitting two birds with one stone. That's great. 😊

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