Microsoft Outlook - How to fix small font

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Hi everyone. If you worked in IT tech support and someone called you up and said their Microsoft Outlook email font is too small, how would you fix it?

To be honest, my first response would have been to go into options in Outlook settings and try to adjust the standard font size. This is because the way the question was asked led me to think that there must be a font setting somewhere that you can adjust.

If that didn't work, I probably would even have gone to the desktop to right click on the wallpaper and then go into properties, and change the font scale in the display settings, because that will adjust the font in all programs, which includes the font in the email.

However, if I suggested that, I would have been very stupid, because these are all complicated solutions. You should always try the simplest solution first, and in this case it is to hold down CTRL and scroll the mouse wheel, after you click somewhere in the email. That way you can zoom in and out. And this was the solution that the client was after.

Hope this video helps someone!

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This is very educational, I have learnt something new today.

Very informative 👌👌👍

This is a very simple method yet a lot of person don't know about it.
I had been handling personal computers for decades yet I only discovered about this method a few years back. If someone had not shown me how to do then I might never knew how to do it until now.

!1UP for sharing a simple yet very useful solution. We can also include that this CRTL + Mouse Scroll method is applicable when you want to increase or decrease the icons and fonts on our desktop screen. I also use a lot of this method often on my internet browser.

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haha thank you :) yes you are right, I love doing that!


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Thanks to the Magic Monk for this great simple but very educating way of increasing the font on the email. The Magic truly work.

thank you! you're very kind bro

You too