How to win your first match in Matchpoint – Tennis Championships

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Tennis is my favourite sport growing up and even though I didn't have the talent to play professional tennis, I could beat most people I played. This game "Matchpoint - Tennis Championships" is quite similar to playing in real life, with the type of shots you can hit and the types of strategies you can use to win, it is all pretty similar to real life.

Since it is coming out as part of Xbox Game Pass in a few days, i thought I would play the demo and check it out. It turns out there are quite a few things you can do in the demo - including doing the tutorial and playing a quick match against a CPU player. You won't be able to go online or start a campaign though.

The two things I noticed which is pretty consistent with the previous tennis games I've played is that you need to give yourself as much time to hold down the shot button to have a chance to win. So get into position, hold down the button as long as you can to hit a powerful shot.

There is a little aim cursor that shows up when you hit the shot button. That part I'm not so used to as in previous games I've played that was never visible. After playing it for a bit, I've started to appreciate it, as it makes the shots a little bit more unpredictable as you can hit it out easier, so the rallies don't get drawn out. Enjoy the game!

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What an interesting game, I will visualize it to see how it is, I am very interested in the effects that can be done against the opponent. Thanks for sharing this wonderful game, thanks for your post.

No worries! Let me know if you do try it yourself!