How to win an online ranked match in Matchpoint - Tennis Championships (free on Xbox Game Pass)

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Hi everyone. After playing Matchpoint - Tennis Championships when the full version came out on Xbox Game Pass yesterday, I thought I'd share my experiences on how to beat other players online.

Firstly regarding which player you should pick. Initially I picked Kyrgios to play against others. However, later I found that everyone was choosing to play with Kyrgios and it got boring. So I switched to playing with Anisimova. It didn't seem to change my strategy much regardless of which player I chose.

Your ranking points are called ELO in this game. Starting with 0, you gradually get more points for winning and your points reduce for losing. My points right now are between 250 and 300. You play tougher players after that so it is harder to get beyond 300 for me right now.

Because in this game it is quite easy to get the shots back, to win online you really need to think of a way to hit the ball at a wide angle to get your opponent out of the court. Once they are out of the court, you then hit a shot down the line so they couldn't reach it.

I haven't seen much of a difference with shot selection. You can use a lob if the opponent is at the net obviously, and you can use a drop shot if the opponent is very far back. Other than that I use a slice as a defensive way to slow down the rally, but if you're out of the court even a slice won't help you much. Basically top spin the whole time and use slice / flat shots to mix up the pace.

Hope this guide / video helps you to win online ranked matches! And you're welcome to challenge me if you like!

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