How to make text bigger on a website without distorting the formatting

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So I was teaching some computer programming in class by projecting a coding website onto the whiteboard, but the text was too small and I found it very hard to zoom in on the text (make it bigger) without distorting the layout of the website.

This is because I am used to zooming in and out by pressing CTRL + mousewheel, or CTRL + PLUS / CTRL+ MINUS to zoom in and out. This approach will scale the entire webpage up and down, but what I need is a way to just zoom in on a section, rather than making every single element of the website bigger.

I then discovered from another more experienced teacher that you can simply pinch the touchscreen or touchpad to zoom on a website, and that has a completely different effect to CTRL PLUS/MINUS, because it will simply zoom in on the section you need like a magnifying glass, without scaling other elements up as well.

That is great, but what if you were on a computer that did not have a touch pad or touch screen? This video will show you the solution, but basically you have 2 options: either using the Windows Magnifying glass (Windows key +, PLUS/MINUS to zoom) or using a Chrome extension that allows you to simulte pinch zoom by pressing ALT+mousewheel.

Hope this video helps!

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Oh it does help a lot. Easy fix. Merci beaucoup.