How to get legendary equipment / gems without spending money (Diablo Immortal)

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Hey guys. It seems to be a lot of focus on Diablo Immortal recently has been about the money spending aspect. I'm not sure what most people play games for but for me I'm just enjoying questing, levelling up, defeating monsters, putting on new equipment, trying out new skills, etc. I haven't had to spend any money for that.

Just from doing the main storyline quests, some elder rifts (without purchasing crests to modify it), some challenge rifts, some bounties, I have obtained a whole bunch of legendary equipment that modifies my skills, so that they look completely different. In the video I will demonstrate each one, and compare what they looked like before the legendary upgrade.

If I had to pick a favourite I would probably say upgrading the exploding palm to the crushing palm is the best. Rather than just attacking enemies in front of you, it has turned it into an AOE where you can jump to pretty much anywhere. Coupled with the new seven spirit strike, you pretty much can destroy any group of enemies without even trying.

So yeah at the moment I have not found a need to spend any money. Perhaps time will tell when I have to. By that time, I will probably move onto Diablo 4.

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