An Operating System wasn't found after installing Crucial MX500 1TB M.2 hard drive

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So after I installed my brand new Crucial MX500 1TB M.2 and turned on my computer, it says an operating system wasn't found.. But my old SSD should still have an operating system? How do I start my computer?
My PC spec:
Motherboard: ASRock B365M-HDV LGA 1151 Micro ATX Motherboard
CPU: Intel Core i3 9100F Quad Core LGA1151 3.6GHz CPU Processor
Hard Drive: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB

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I just wanted to stop by and see how Eddie the Magic Monk is doing and give you a little up-date on myself.

Since getting on the last plane to Thailand from Danang Vietnam, I've been in Ao Nang near Krabi town for just over 3 months now. Next week my girl and I go to Bangkok for the full month of July to switch things up. If the Thai government does not let us stay longer in the country (all visas are extended to July 31) then we recently learned that Serbia is our best option. There are only like 12 countries that will take US passports with out quarantines and BS and Serbia is the most feasible, we get 3 months on arrival too. 150 visa free countries I can visit with my passport is now down to about dozen and most of those are tiny expensive islands in the Caribbean! But one place I really don't want to go, is back home to the US after seeing all the crazy news and 40,000 + new covid cases daily. How are things in Australia where you are?

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Hey Dan. Such inspiring stories. I will have to go to vietnam one day very soon. I'm kinda lucky being stuck in Queensland as it's almost covid free. When Australia extends the travel bubble I'll be sure to use it. Your partner looks stunning - I'm very jealous. Hope to run into you one day in one of these countries. Eddie

Thanks Eddie! Glad you are safe and covid free in Queensland. Yes, I got myself a great girl in so many ways! Take care and I'll be in touch. :)

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You most likely need to select the new boot device in the UEFI Boot section of the BIOS. The newer UEFI stuff requires a bit more setup in the BIOS to get things working. It won't just recognize new hard drives for booting. It's a security feature.

To install an OS you may also need to tell the UEFI BIOS to boot from your installation media.