The crypto context and cyber attacks

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Since the emergence of blockchain technology, the idea of sophisticated protocols with higher levels of security began to be sold, however, the constant information attacks perpetrated on the crypto market give reason for a situation contrary to what was believed.

By blockchain, it is associated with the fashionable discourse that in recent times has linked us to devote more hours to the internet, another widely used concept is the one referred to blockchain, both are cutting-edge technological tools but for some reason are being vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The context or crypto fashion that has been generated in recent years, uses units of monetary exchange known as cryptocurrency that are today used as bait or as a means of preferential payment in a cyber attack.

Source: Ciphertrace

Therefore, it is intuitive that the use of digital currencies is the main reason that has allowed a new escalation of computer attacks, this if we take into account that hackers regularly demand ransom in cryptocurrency in exchange for the restoration of the hacked registry.

This situation should lead us to reflect and be more cautious when opening pages that link unknown wallets to the platforms we usually use, hence, one of the first actions we should take is to reinforce our security levels and protect our private keys outside the computers.


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