Technology and the ability to structurally organise knowledge

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Greetings dear readers, when we talk about knowledge management today, there is no doubt that it is a topic of great interest and a large amount of information on the subject, but the fact that it can be associated with cross-cutting issues is interesting.

One element to highlight is that when the variables so developed in the world of academia emerge today from a much broader perspective than just knowing how these processes of knowledge management and administration are carried out, it is important to understand how to manage and administer knowledge.

For example, when someone asks us a question, the answer we usually give is nothing more than a representation of the prior knowledge we have at a cognitive level, in other words, the answers come from preconceived ideas we have stored in our mental structure.

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The ideas that we tend to use to respond to multiple contexts have been acquired through learning processes obtained throughout our lives, basically our level of knowledge is the result of the experiences that we unconsciously undergo, as well as our beliefs about life.

Experts state that our knowledge is closely related to action, construction, reasoning and its representation through language, on the other hand, our cognitive development depends to a large extent on the interaction we have with the environment, as this increases our ability to structurally organise knowledge.

In this sense, and based on these premises, we can highlight that technology currently limits our direct interaction with the environment, so we can infer that it is proportionally generating a decrease in our cognitive capacity, it has been stated that technology and specifically internet search engines are making us less intelligent.

These ideas are influenced by the adverse effect that hyperlinks have on our cognitive development, because it is inferred that this form of accessing information does not allow us to concentrate, deduce, reason, or store ideas in our library or mental structure. I look forward to reading your comments on this topic.


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Technology has a huge ability to transform and if its used rightly then things will move to next level.