Sustainable smart city and blockchain technology

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The largest investors in cryptocurrencies, or at least those with the largest volume of capital, are planning to create their own niche to coexist in the same city, although these plans go back to Anthony Welch's proposal to create the world's cryptocapital.

The truth is, Anthony Welch has created a regulation-free "crypto utopia" on an island in the South Pacific and is trying to convince more than 20,000 cryptocurrency investors to move in with him.

According to what I was able to research on multiple digital news portals related to the blockchain crypto economy, is that for the past 12 years, Anthony Welch and his partner Theresa have lived solo on an island in the Vanuatu archipelago.


This British couple plan to turn the island from 90% undisturbed rainforest into a "sustainable smart city" filled with multi-story apartment blocks and offices for cryptocurrency investors from around the world.

So, this concept of a city becoming the crypto-capital of the world is already something extremely interesting and probably healthy for the development and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, even more interesting is that this concept is related to smart city ideas but sustainable in scale.

This second approach is undoubtedly something new as it combines technological development, digital economy, and sustainable development, that is, three extremely important pillars to face the new challenges facing humanity.


Theguardian Bitcoin paradise? Briton creates ‘crypto utopia’ in South Pacific. Link


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