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Today I will try to socialize some approaches on the labor boom that is taking place specifically with software developers, this if we take into account the impact that these professionals have today as a result of the sustained growth experienced by blockchain technology.

Software development professionals are generally trained in computer systems engineering, and many of these people work for private companies for which they spend an estimated eight hours in exchange for an unattractive salary.


However, in the last decade, software development professionals have migrated to the blockchain and are now working in the cryptocurrency industry, either in the Bitcoin ecosystem or in the multiple crypto projects that abound in the blockchain.

Therefore, if we contextualize, these professionals have found a new and very attractive niche in labor and economic terms, since to enter the cryptocurrency industry, you need to know how to develop and a lot of technical issues, such as programming language to develop modern protocols.

The truth is that the blockchain offers this sector of professionals all kinds of jobs in the cryptocurrency industry, which becomes an opportunity where they can adapt and exploit their technical skills.


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