Powdered vaccines a new concept in pandemics

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As the new coronavirus pandemic progresses, new scientific discoveries in viral control, as well as novel methods for antigen inoculation, are emerging.

As I have been emphasizing in my previous posts related to Covid-19 and each of the scientific topics, this adversity generated by this deadly virus, has given us the opportunity to develop at the social and laboratory level schemes to effectively combat viral attacks.

Source / Author: HakanGERMAN, 2021

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that current vaccination programs on a global scale are carried out through the implementation of injection in one or several doses containing the antigen that will induce an immune response in our organism.

Now, recently, researcher Ingemo Andersson, an expert in chemistry and immunology in conjunction with the company Iconovo, is collaborating with a company to develop and standardize a dry powder vaccine against covid-19.

This potential dry powder vaccine against covid-19 will be the first of its kind and would be a scientific breakthrough, and according to experts from the World Health Organization, the entry of these vaccines into the market will bring about major changes.

One of these changes is that the powdered vaccine can be distributed very easily without the cold chain, and it can be administered without the need for health care providers, which would facilitate the execution of mass vaccination programs without major medical and logistical setbacks.

It should be noted that, in the words of the representatives of the World Health Organization, there is still a considerable way to go before the trials show effectiveness and the vaccine reaches the expected potential at the clinical level.


Savage M Coronavirus: what are "powdered vaccines" and how close are we to being able to use them to combat covid-19?. Link


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Interesting development. let us see if it can be pulled off with big Pharma around. If they do not get in on it, it will never see the light of day.

Hi friend @dmilliz, good point you bring up, I certainly believe that it will not be so easy to get the big and powerful pharmaceutical companies involved, but I believe that as they get satisfactory results, the pharmaceutical companies will give in and somehow develop their versions of powdered vaccines. Thank you for your accurate comment. Best regards, be well.

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