Pesticides increase likelihood of death in humans

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Today I wanted to address a highly controversial content, this because the topic I bring you is related to our food, and the effect that pesticides used to protect crops either from insects, weeds, fungi and other pests generate on other species of food interest.

Restrictions on the use of pesticides have been in place for decades because of their effects on human health, as well as their devastating adverse effects on agricultural ecosystems and specifically on environmental stability.

Considering that some pesticides are safe or non-toxic, while others are dangerous, is a serious mistake because, in reality, all synthetic products have the potential to be dangerous to human health, even some pesticides classified as low toxicity, are also dangerous because over time in our body accumulate amounts that tend to generate adverse reactions at an advanced age.

Source / Author: Nottmpictures, 2019

Within the indicators, which the scientific community uses to support their hypotheses to ensure that pesticides increase our chances of death, they start from the fact that pesticides sold to farmers can kill twice as many pollinating insects, which implies a correlation with the rest of the organisms.

It should be emphasized that in times of modernity, the impact of pesticides on our health is mysteriously no longer monitored, yet large agricultural transnationals continue to obtain licenses for the massive production of pesticides.

In closing, it is worth mentioning that there is a high probability that we will experience a reaction due to the toxicity of a pesticide, this probability of experiencing an adverse health effect as a result of the use of a product is known as the pesticide risk.


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In deed, humans life expectancy is intricately linked to the food we eat. Its about time we go back to organic system of farming.