Lithium will revolutionize the technology and energy industry

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There is no doubt that the exponential population growth coupled with the constant advances in technology require sufficient raw materials and energy sources to supply the growing global demand, hence the urgent need to promote new methods of raw material production and new technological and energy alternatives.

In terms of new technological and energy alternatives, the scientific community in the last decade has been on a frank search for more accessible and lighter technologies that can be manufactured with more resistant materials and that can be used several times.

To date, the use of lithium is one of the most applicable alternatives, considering that lithium as an energy source has become one of the key chemical elements for the development of new technologies, to the point of being considered as the chemical element that will revolutionize the technology and energy industry.

When I say that lithium as a chemical element will revolutionize the technology and energy industry, I say this because there is currently an exponential increase in the use of lithium-based batteries, both for electronic devices and for electric vehicles, among other devices.

Source / Author: Derrick Sherrill, 2019

The exponential increase in the use of lithium-based batteries is due, among other things, fundamentally to the fact that on a global scale, environmental alerts are being generated due to the pollution generated by vehicles that use fossil fuels and batteries based on lead, nickel and cadmium, elements that must be counteracted in accordance with the latest international agreements against climate change.

These agreements on climate change establish the creation of alternative technological and energy conditions, including powerful batteries with the capacity to store large amounts of energy, which makes lithium the main element to be taken into account in order to achieve these aspirations in the coming decades.


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