Effect of the status quo in times of pandemic

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In a recent post, I mentioned that as long as politicians do not listen to the scientific community, the efforts to counteract the new coronavirus pandemic will be in vain, and everything will remain merely political declarations.

I mentioned the above to provide some context about the serious implications of the status quo bias, and how it may be affecting the way we perceive the Covid-19 pandemic scenario, without admitting that after the large-scale vaccination process was initiated, humanity has taken for granted that the virus could be effectively combated.

Source / Author: TheDigitalArtist, 2020

From my perspective, I believe it is a serious mistake to take for granted that Covid-19 could have been fought effectively, not only because of the demagogic elements that exist around the origin of the pandemic, but also because of all the mistakes that exist regarding the production and massification of the multiple vaccines developed by powerful countries.

It is important to emphasize that what I have been referring to is part of the inferences of the scientific community, who have been insisting that the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus has not been extinguished, nor is the level of vaccination that humanity has reached sufficient to take for granted that the virus has been defeated.

The adverse scenario most questioned by the scientific community is that it is not possible to enter into an environment of normalization of social or work activities when, in scientific terms, the so-called delta (Indian), British, Brazilian or South African variants follow a pattern of increasing levels of contagion and deaths.

If we analyze in detail, the concerns of the scientific community are totally valid, since the bias of the status quo, beyond worrying us, may be playing against us, since evidently our subconscious yearns for the lifting of the strict quarantines, the elimination of the use of the mouthpiece or masks, now we must ask ourselves, are there really conditions to resume the normalization of activities?.


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Hello @lupafilotaxia
In addition to the pressures you mention, there is the economic imperative. This all along has been compelling in the U. S. (I don't know if it played out as strongly in the rest of the world.) Lockdown meant less people in the stores, less people in restaurants, less people in the workforce. Always there was a segment of the U. S. power structure that calculated the pandemic in terms of dollars, not lives lost. Did you see this, from 2020? Texas Lt. Governor: Old People Should Volunteer to Die to Save the Economy This man is very popular in Texas (!?)

I'm not listening to the guidelines. I'm following my own sense of what is 'safe'. I'm sure you are making the same decision for yourself and your family. Be well.

Regards, AG

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My personal opinion is we should not have any respect for the status for to be different and successful In this such kind of situation