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Hello hivians.
is being awhile I make a post here hope you are doing great. I am back and back for good because, it is only ignorance person that do not learn. reason is because he is proud. until the ignorance expose them negatively he will humble. We keep learning, for the more we learn the more we discover we don't know all.


Today we shall look on the following.

•Science and children. Why is science considered important at the primary school level and the aims.

•Problems created by science.

•What really is science if we may asks.

Just take a look at the gadgets you have in your room. Look at what you are putting on.
Do you know that sometime ago, people went about naked?
Today you can travel very long distance within very short period of time. You can stay in your room, tune your radio or television and get a story of what is going on, not only in Nigeria but from different parts of the world. Surely the world has advanced tremendously and what has brought this advancement is science.


If i may asks, what is science?
Science is a difficult term to define. Various scientists have defined it in various ways. To some, it is an organized body of knowledge. While others sees it as what scientist do. But wait a minute,.. what do scientist do?
A scientists senses problems, isolates the very problem he wants to solve from others, makes an intelligent guess of how the problem could be solved, devices experiments and controls, observes, collects and records data, organizes and analyses these data and draw conclusions that were not apparently present before.

Why is science considered important at primary school level.

  1. Both you and the children you leave with are living in the scientific age.
    Children are very curious individuals and they are full of questions. Scientists too, ask a lot of questions. Thus by nature children are scientists. Thus by considering science at the primary school level, you provide the children the opportunity of asking many of their questions such as: where does the baby come from? What causes rain to fall? Why does the moon shine only in the night? Why do some substances rust? How does water enter the coconut?.

  1. Children explore their environment. The catch insects, dig the soil, dismantle toys. Their major aim of doing this is to understand their environment and be able to give appropriate answers to their numerous questions. Hence the study of science at the primary school level makes it possible for the children to enjoy and appreciate their surrounding.

  1. The primary school is the foundation of all formal educational activities for the child. A firm foundation should be laid for him. Thus considering science at the primary school level enables the children to develop very important scientific skills of observing, classifying, measuring, making intelligent guess and drawing conclusions. It also enables children to think clearly and logically. These children are able to solve simple practical problems if the basics principles learnt in science are appropriately applied.

ufo3014638__480.webp[source] (https://pixabay.com/photos/ufo-children-alien-sky-evening-3014638/)

The aims of considering science at primary school level.
Children enjoy science. This is because science is a doing subject. And as children take part in these doing activities, they learn more. Science is therefore taught or consider to achieve certain aims. You will notice that the children would continue to do a lot of things with the toys. They may dismantle and later assemble them. Some of the children may not have limited themselves to the toys given to them. They still explored other parts of the environment. While doing all these, the children should have been observing. Another aim is to help children observe and explore their environment.

man65049__480.webp[source] (https://pixabay.com/photos/man-despair-problem-null-one-65049/)

The last point is the problems created by science.
Even as science is what we can do without, it also has it own disadvantages and advantages. Some of this are.

  1. Because of scientific activities the earth atmosphere, soil, and water are polluted every time. The pollution may come about as a result of prospecting for minerals, application of insecticides, chemical waste and poisonous gases produced from various industries.
  2. It is possible through the application of science to make terrible nuclear weapons. Some of these weapons are capable of destroying life on earth. In the regard, many people think that science is more of a threat to human beings than a blessing. This assertion may however not be entirely true.
  3. Undoubtedly, you will realize that science has improved your life style and those of the children you have around. Because of good medical care life expectancy has increased and infant mortality has decreased drastically. All these factors have combined to produce population explosion in the world today.

From the definition of science you have seen that science is a body of accumulated knowledge. And why it is considered in primary school level is that children would develop their attitude of curiosity.
Get the opportunity to explore, enjoy and appreciate their environment.
The problem created by science Polluting the atmosphere and earth's crust, setting fertile grounds for nuclear warfare, helping mankind to exploit the important mineral resources from the environment without making ways of replenishing the earth's crust, increasing human population through good health facilities while the aims of considering science in primary school level,
Is to enable the children to give plausible explanations to simple natural phenomena and learn basics science process skills.

With this following point of mine, I hope i've been able to prove to you that science is our daily life that we can't do without.
Thank you and do have a bless weekend and beyond.


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i totally agree with you, in most schools today, mostly government schools they don't even take it seriously teaching the children about science which is the reason most countries lack behind in areas of technology

Thank you so much. I believe they will, because it is very important considering the way the world is going.