How technology works to us.

in Educationlast year

Without technology what will happen to us? Many of us are already fond of technology, with these media our works become easy and already done, you can call and send messages with other people in just a second by using messenger, you can send an email when applying a job by sending a resume or cv in one click and you can search and find some information about a certain topic that you want to know and understand using websites that has a lot of information provided by the people who wants to share their knowledge to the person who's mind is asking. It is also a way to the reporter to relay a warning and news to us. Technology is also a way of earning for other people, through this they can sell their products and items by posting such as pictures and the information of the product. Those are the ways how the technology works to us. As a student I am thankful that technology is created because it gives an easy life not just for me but for all the people who uses it.