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Dear HiveBeez,
I post a lot about various natural phenomena and structures. Why? Because I really like the topic and I'm interested in the structure of the world.

Natural forms must have been put together by coincidence... really?!

NOOOOO! Where did we get this nonsense? Is materialism still taught in schools? Let us finally think in common sense!

In nature, if we observe it better, there are no boring forms. Even the smallest halm of grass or gravel is an artwork. Whose artwork then?
If the materials needed for a Swiss watch are mixed in a container, it will never accidentally become a Swiss watch (or even any other watch) unless it is designed and manufactured.Even the simplest bacterium is perfect, the flagellum on it and the structure that moves it is a miracle that was made according to a plan.
Whose plan? Universal Intelligence, or just call that GOD.
Natural laws are fine-tuned by this Intelligence in such a way that they apply everywhere and create the same structures. Out of chaos, order is created, which then disintegrates and a new system is built.
It is astounding, and at the same time self-evident, that the same patterns are repeated on different scales.

Notice, that the structure of human brain cells is actually a small representation of the entire universe.

Let's examine water in various states through some simple examples.

Coastline of sea. Length of shorelines cannot be measured accurately, as we get a completely different result if the scale is one kilometer or just one meter.



Danube bend. Think of the meanders of a river, and then look at the vascular network and capillaries of our bodies.


Ripples on water made of ducks. Ducks or boats create V-shaped waves while moving. The interesting thing is that the angle V is always the same!


The structure of waterdrops on a leaf. The water drops attract and converge, and have special shape.


Water as a crystal. When frozen, water turns a regular, hexagonal shape.


Then it melts and forms small bulbs, icicles. Water as an amorph solid - icicle



Amorph and crystal at the same place


Water as freshly fallen soft snow. Snowflakes are regular crystals up close, but as they gather in my thick layers, they form small soft hills.


Water in the sky. Different clouds form in the air as a result of different physical conditions. They can appear in extremely diverse forms and are also classified based on the forms, like stratus, cumulus, cumulonimbus or cirro-stratus.




All the photos are my original jobs.

I'm not normal! I'm a Humanoid!

With lots of love from Kalemandra

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