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RE: Learning in the Pandemic

in Education5 months ago (edited)

Things are changing due to the pandemic and I think the changes is permanent.

Some are complaining, that is expected because they're not used to this type of way but if they will just focus on the good things, soon everything will be fine.

That is a natural response to things we are not in full control, but complaining continuously will not do good. I agree that we need to focus what is controllable and seemingly life becomes okay then.

By the way sir, I noticed your good at writing, I'm just wondering about your profession? if you don't mind me asking.

Thank for the complement! I am an engineer and do classes in a university. My writing may seems good but I still have more rooms for growth in terms of writing. !PIZZA



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Ah, that's why I noticed the gap in my writing from yours. Hindi rin kasi madali, hehehe

Maybe, I did write a few more page than you. Before, my writings doesn't resembles anything that I have to date. It evolves as I continue to write. Yes, writing is not easy, but we can both agree that it is enjoyable.