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RE: Have You Thanked a Whale Today?

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Happy to thank the literal whales. I feel less positively about the Steem whales who foisted hf21/22 on us.

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I haven't even been back long enough to research, can you share the biggest points or worst ramifications?


The worst impact, I think, has been the curve. Anyone receiving less than 20+ Steem on their payouts on a post gets even less than they would for the same weight of votes under HF20. The difference is given to the highest-value posts. So, the authors who are the most popular (often because they are whales themselves) now get even more of the pie, and the vast majority of authors get even less. The problem is compounded because there's now a disincentive to vote for content you like if you don't think it will do well, because your curation rewards will be even more less.
The math of it seems to be an attempt to consolidate more and more Steem in the hands of those who already have it, which seems like the opposite of the direction we should be taking.

Oh, no. This is not good at all.

Thanks for sharing that @improv

Yeah, it's a big bummer.