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What is perseverance? By perseverance, psychologists understand a person's ability to focus on one thing, without being distracted by strange "noises and sounds."

In part, this ability is given to us by nature: even a one-month-old baby can briefly focus on the proposed object - the mother's face or a rattle, and older preschoolers are already developing a volume of attention that allows you to perceive several objects at the same time.

Later, the child acquires the ability to shift attention. For example, if you are enthusiastically involved in one thing, quickly answer a question about completely different things: when building a block tower, an adult child will easily tell you how he spent time with his grandmother.

The success of a child, for example, in school depends on his ability to concentrate, that is, to resist interference. In future studies, the child will benefit from the ability to distribute attention, to do several things at the same time, and from the stability of attention, from the ability to concentrate on one thing for a long time. It is these qualities of a teacher that are generally called perseverance.

How and at what age to develop perseverance?


Up to 2 years, babies develop the rudiments of voluntary attention. At this time, parents are faced with the task of directing the activity of the crumbs, prompting him: now we are drawing, sculpting, jumping. It is no less important at this age to draw the attention of the baby to the details: “Look, what eyes the bear - buttons has! And the doll, like you, with eyelashes! "

By 2 - 3 years, the child already knows how to follow simple instructions and can fully concentrate on what he really likes for a few minutes. At this age, actions and objects attract more children's attention than words. Today, daily rituals are helpful in developing attention and concentration; repeating the same actions perfectly trains attention.

What is important to keep in mind?

Before training perseverance, make sure that the baby is not affected by factors that can nullify his efforts: he feels good and is in a good mood.
Note the nature of the crumbs. It is difficult for small and phlegmatic people to quickly switch from one task to another, but initially they have no problem with perseverance. But mobile angry people instantly light up with a new case, but they are not inclined to study it carefully!

Games for the development of attention and perseverance.

"Spy games"

Tell the kid that you are grooming him to be a spy, and therefore let him try first:

Close your eyes and describe what your dad is wearing.
Remember what color grandmother's tunic is.
Without turning, name all the furniture behind it.
Every day when you come home from the garden, determine which toy is missing from your room.

"What changed"

Place the small items on the table and invite your baby to carefully examine the assortment. You have only 30 seconds to investigate! After that, the child must walk away. At this time, move some things to another place. The child's task is to determine what has changed in the composition. One point is awarded for each correct answer.

The exercise can be varied: ask the child to remember all the toys in front of him, and then, turning around, make a list. Another option is to hide one of the displayed items and ask your child to tell you what is missing.

"Where is whose house is?"

You can draw those puzzles yourself. In one half of the page it represents the animals, in the other, their houses. Connect the pictures with tangled lines. The child must run his finger along the line and find the legal home of each animal.

When starting games to develop attention and perseverance, remember that the baby will begin to deal with them gradually, and not immediately. Praise him for even the most modest successes! And if one of the exercises hasn't been given yet, leave it for a while so you can get back to its implementation soon. The game should definitely bring the child the joy of discovery and victory!

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