Safety Measures in applying chemicals on crops.

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Subject:- Agricultural Science

Class:- Basic 4

Topic:- Safety Measures in Applying.

Duration:- 35 minutes

Date:- 21th May 2020

Behavioural Objectives:-

At the end of the lesson the lesson the students should be able to:-
1. List at least four (4) safety measures in Applying chemicals on crops; and
2. List at least three(3) dangers involved in Excessive use of chemicals.

Previous knowledge:-

Some of the students has parents that are involved in Commercial farming.

Instructional Material(s):-

A wall chart showing a farmer spreading chemicals on plant.



Step 1:- Safety measures in Applying chemicals.

There are many risks involved in Applying weed and pest-killing chemicals. Therefore some safety measures must be considered before Applying them. Some of which are:


1. After Applying pesticides, always take a thorough bath or shower to clean your body.

2. If you notice any symptoms like headache of if you don't feel well after working with chemicals, see a doctor immediately.

3. Do not your hand to mix the chemicals. Use a stick to stair or mix the solution inside the container.

4. Use Knapsack sprayer and other spraying equipment to spray, and wear protective clothing like gloves, googles and masks.

5. Do not use your mouth or teeth to open a chemical bottle.

6. Observe the wind direction when spraying and make sure you spray in the same direction of the wind to minimize contact with the spray mist.


7. Do not eat of drink while working with pesticides.

8. Do not use mouth to blow the nozzle of the sprayer when it is blocked but rather use a small wire to remove the blockage or replace the nozzle.

Step 2:- Dangers involved in Excessive use of Chemicals.

There are many dangers caused by excessive use of chemicals on the farm to the farmers, crops, farm animals and many other people. Some of them are:-

1. Chemicals can kill crops.

2. Chemicals can kill spider and other beneficial living things in the soil like earthworms.

3. Chemicals can be washed away by rain into streams and rivers, thereby killing fishes and other living things in the water.

4. Chemicals can contaminate various sources of water like well, stream and river.

5. Chemicals blown away by the air contaminate, thereby killing birds and other animals.


The teacher ask the students questions to ascertain the level of their understanding:-

1. List at least four (4) safety measures in Applying chemicals on crops; and
2. List at least three(3) dangers involved in Excessive use of chemicals.


1. List other dangers involved in Excessive use of chemicals.
2. List other safety measures in Applying chemicals on crops.

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