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ICT – Information and Communication Technology

an infrastructure and components which enable modern computing.
is also the technologies (i.e., devices, systems, or applications) that will process data into information.
Information – is the knowledge we obtain from reading, studying, investigation, or research.
Communication – is the exchanging of data or information from two or more things.
Republic Acts related to ICT

R.A. 10173 – Data Privacy Act

R.A. 10175 – Cyber-Bullying Act

R.A. 9995 – Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act

R.A. 8792 – E-Commerce Act

R.A. 10844 – DICT Act

R.A. 9775 – Anti-Child Pornography Act

Current situation of ICT in the Philippines

Back then, PH is the texting capital of the world
Now, it is the social media capital of the world with 83M people active in social media
PH is a country with one of the slowest but most expensive internet in the world
PH ranks 15 out of 15 in South-East Asian countries with slowest internet
Brief Timeline of Technology

3500 BC – Sumerians developed cuneiform writing.

1500 BC – Phoenician developed their alphabet

105 BC – Cai Lun (“Tsai Lun”) of China invented the paper.

Circa 1439 – Johannes Gutenberg invented his first printing press.

1604 – Blaize Pascal invented the first commercial calculator.

1793 – Charles Chappe invented the first telegraph, and the telegraph line system.

1832 – Electric telegraph was invented.

1876 – Alexander Graham Bell invented the


1906 – First radio audio broadcast.

1925 – John Logie Baird invented television.

1941 – Konrad Zuse builds a mechanical calculator, Z3. It was the first functional program-controlled computer.

1969 – Arpanet, the first internet was created.

1971 – The first email was created and sent.

1971 – Bob Thomas wrote the first computer virus named Creeper.

1975 – The first laptop appeared.

1990 – The World Wide Web was created by Tim Berners-Lee.

1991 – First web page was created.

1992 – The first SMS was sent.

Usage of ICT in daily life

Banking – All banking transaction are now controlled using computers.
Education – Educational institutions are now going computerized when it comes to their basic services.
Government – Government agencies made their transactions faster and easier by implementing online systems.
Health and Wellness – Medical systems are now made available in the market to make health monitoring faster and easier.
Agriculture – The ICT in agriculture (e-agriculture) focuses on the enhancement of agricultural and rural development through improved information and communication processes.
Business (E-Commerce) – ICT helps people in making buying or selling easier.
Transportation – Information and communication technologies (ICT) have considerable importance for transport systems
Because of ICT…
°Borderless communication
°Faster communication speed
°Lower communication costs
°Reliable mode of information
°Paperless environment
Bad Impacts of ICT
°Social problems
°Health problems
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Living in IT is a information and communication technology, a component off a modern computing in also the process data into information.
Information is the knowledge we obtained from reading, studying, investigation.,or research.
Communication is the exchanging data or information from two or more things.
Technologies in the new generation is the ability to create a useful and immersive website experience today.
ICT is the most important to each in every one in also in our daily life, like education, government transactions, health and wellness, agriculture, business, transportation, and online banking.