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I personally prefer to use google meet in school but there was once when my school google account had google meet removed for a day.

As I had to facilitate extracurricular activity after school for badminton training, I was told by the teacher-in-charge to use zoom.

I had not used zoom to conduct any lesson before so I had to search in the intranet to see how I could install Zoom into our school laptop that has a security feature.

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I eventually managed to create a corporate account under school using my school email account to post the zoom invitation link into the google classroom for our pupils and the instructor to join.

One of the advantages that I notice is I can actually set my personal password and only admit participants into the Zoom meeting.

We really need to be careful as there are hackers around so we need our students to turn on their video for us to verify their faces.

In the videoclip below, this teen hacker went around hacking zoom meetings of teachers. He may have found it fun but he was being immature as teachers like us really required Zoom to conduct online lessons and he was really creating unnecessary concerns and problems for us.

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I don’t really face such problem when I use google meet as students can only get in using their school email accounts.

We need to be extra careful when we are using zoom but this should not stop us from using the latest possible technology to enhance learning.

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