How Dutiful Are The Parents To The Childrens ?

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The time when a child grows up is the stage where there remain the conditions to nurture a child, is an important aspect to talk about and gossip. Maybe, we sometims dont put enough importance in this case, we most of the times like to slip away from there and try to provide value to our own activities and works.There are examplea everywhere if we analyze the data's and statistics in hand, the negligence to rear up a child is a common figure to watch. I dont want here to collect all those numerical expositions, rather lets say and highlight some of the secenes we get to see in our life.


The more we would talk about it, the better it would be for us to understand our faults, reform bad habits and give importance to the points where we need to focus and try out possible means to get the desired improvement it takes here. Evidences are many,examples are wide, but the standpoints and solutions remain the same to be pragmatic. Yet, the creative solutions can be adopted but its nice to identity the facts and chalk out plans to meet the crisis.

Facts & Files :

To the utter surprise we see that, families that live in the town have the larger bit of extra seriousness to get onto work and being productive, so to speak the dense the problem in the city areas. In the Metropolitan weather, parents both mom and dad of a child is busy with their work,from morning to night. Working in the offices unto the end of twilight and return at the late night when it is times up for dinner. In the late night, they are busy to sleep, because that was a long haste journey and hecticness, and body needs rest.The next morning, hitting the press button of the alarm clock and rushing for to take the morning breakfast early on, because time is too short to join the office area.

And the cycle goes on,day in and day out.

  • They dont find times to see, if the child has eaten his lunch or dinner or not,
  • No real time to gossip with him or not,
  • No actual hours to spend time in the outside of house, in the coffee shop to the park.
  • No monitoring if the child is completing his /her lessons or not.
  • No time to look after the behavioral pattern and habits he/she is growing day by day.


Clear Picture.

These are the scenario thats taking place most of the time, parents often earning lot of money and fulfilling the needs of the family and the childrens. But is that all about money?
Most possiblly, no.Its not about money that has the higher degree of access to happiness or sound state of mind of the busy parents and their children.Most of the times, parents dont get the chance to talk on and build an actual real time cordial relation with their offspring. The result is child getting broke and drop in grades in school or having to hang on to gang culture and so on.

So, I want to make requests to all the parents who seem to have the case of negligence when it comes to maintaining proper responsibility in terms of chilrens care, is please dont just be a machine to earn handsome money. There are more things to do for your child and sons and daughters.Try to keep as much as contact you can to build the solid Foundation of relationship so that they dont get beyond control.

If you are a parent, its your liability to bring a bright future for them.If you slip from here, you are not just ruining on yourself and your childs future but the country has to suffer a long run for this. Dont do that, and just help solve each of the problems of your child, and help them to be able to build a dignified life to lead on Thats the best gift that you can give to your child, if they enjoy an enlightened future,the rests of money is just trashes conpared to that.

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