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Education is one of the burning needs of our society which is to be offered to the childrens and young students as a compulsory means. If we dont get successful in educating these childrens in a befitting way,then our prime task would remain incomplete and we would suffer greatly from it. As we all know, education plays a pivotal part in shaping our future, as a country what we can achieve in our future days, it solely depends on the attenpt to provide quality education to all, specially childrens who need it mostly.

Now,for most of the time how hard we work as a teacher or community organizer to provide education to children, the lesser young children’s become willful to assist us and work their parts. I know, when we are young and tender, we try to escape from schooling and mostly dislike the way teachers try to train us, ha ha.I know that feeling, when I was young and a kindergarten student, I use to have the same attitude towards school and somerimes I even tried to cut out classes and went away to play with my friends and sometimes that doing led me towards getting low marks and drop in grades.

But, now as I grew older and learnt how to live life on my own,when I understood how important it is to learn all the lessons that schools try to teach us, the more I realized the greater need to raise participation in schools and attend classes more vehemently. So to speak,today lets focus on the school participation isse and lets find out the causes why young students dont like to join classes, exactly we would go deeper ino the context of class apathy.

So,Why School Goers Try To Cut Classes?

The reasons are many, and dont really have a specific answer, to the point.But in the bold line of perspective, it can be said easily, that only those students try to commit these acts when they are fallen in the consequences of not attaining good bit of relationship with the teachers. More causes are like ;

  • They dont find study topics interesting in most cases.

  • Not having the proper practice of discipline as a student.

  • Often,Teachers inability to make participations interesting to the students.I mark this as the prime reason of students building of strong apathy against joing classes.

  • Parents negligence cases, most of the times parents dont try to guide them properly.This brings a stale impact on students academic life.


What Can Schools do to raise participations?

Schools fail too many only then, when they dont make it till the end to build a constructive relationship with the students. If the teachers of any institutions only teach their students in a hard way,give so much pressure to their study work, most possibly in that period of time students fall prey to this incident. If teachers are not trained enough on how to deal with soft minds and make them immersive to their courses and study routines, then its simple and well expected that the students would get the same results and keep cutting the classes and busk with students to wander outside the territory of school. Thats the whole scenario, and has been happening for a long time.

The answers are nipped on those bullet points that I marked up, schools need to find remedy to those things and only they can do so then problems would be solved and most possibly the outcome might be good and schools would get to ensure participations with more improved results and increasing numbers.

  • Teachers have to know, how to make lessons more interesting and well equiped with study and lesson plans.If they can make sure every student is participating and doing their work time to time, that would be ok.

  • Students are to be taught,how to handle depression when it comes. Most of the time they succumb to psychological tortures and that keeps them to be less talkative and engaged within minds.If students are taught how to come over that and build positivity in mind,then we could see a great example of improved participations.

  • Moreover, teachers have to know how to deal with students, more cordially. Many times I noticed some of the teachers do possess the grumpiness nature, dont have the amiable mentality that is essential to be a perfect teacher.This has to be curtailed and making then aware of this would solve problems in the longer run.

  • Lastly, if parents have this attitude of not taking care of the childrens in a befitting manner, then they should be properly counselled by teachers and principals, overall by the help of the society.Parents have the best role in ushering the true character of the students, if they fail here then everything, literally each and every effort would go in vain.

I hope, I tried my best in describing some key factors of promoting quality educational traits.These are my own thoughts and not collected by any bibliographic sources.I conduct researches and these are my own intellectual property.I find it interesting to think like an educator and thank you all for providing great support here in this community. I appreciate all.

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It is a pity that in my country the current education system is in crisis, so I think a lot about what this means for the future.

Greetings and thank you for your valuable contribution.

@carlos84, you are welcome for your feedback,it means a lot to me.
Sorry to hear that the education sector is collapsing, it has become a global phenomenon nowadays,Hope it would recoup and be stable in the forthcoming days.

Thanks, again mate.