Education & Research : Toe To Tale. ✔Necessary Points & My Views.

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When we look back at our schools and colleges and then we cast eyes on how they try to better their grades up to the mark, then there remain a very critical angle on how the method is being used and the level of efficiency also point questions to the problem we see.

Undoubtedly, schools are doing their best to better the performances, but have we tried the vital point which sets a new stage for the learners and students ?


Not at all.Maybe,you would argue about the state of the education and all that we see in the institutions where we send our students, in anticipation that we would get to see them established and coming out successful in their real life.

That looks awkwardly funny to me and out of despise, I would like to remind some of the things which would little bit help all of us to let our mind justify and assess what is needed to do and what still need to consider.

Let us dive onto some of the discoursed facts.

1.Inventory Approach.

Maybe, this is something which take us to our early laboratory classes if you are a student of science. Back to the juvenile period. This is interesting, when a child learns how to start a new project and work there with sincerity, rearing up a method which will ensure a growth and diversities in the field where they work; particularly ending in inventing something and helping the science society and the people to be benifitted throughout the discoveries.


2. Helping People Solve Diseases.

What we would teach the students, the same results will be reflected from their work.If the teachers society fail to handle the young minds and unable to provide enough opportunities and incentive motivation to their course works and lesson plans, about learning new biological species and cell chemistry, medicinal values and all the necessary knowledge and adding them in real life, then we would see less progress and students would get denied by the tools and knowledge that they deserve in these days of scientific revolution.

3.Raising Effort To Lab Activities.

When we do try to raise the standards of education or get busy in providing more knowledge in establishing learning acquaintances to the childrens and imposing theories and the bookish impractical knowledges, then they get to know about only the historic contexts and the laws of motions and physical properties.But, will this just be enough to handle the adverse situations that we face each day?

Perhaps, no.Because, threats like diseases, epidemics,resistance to development, these things come by turns and one after another, but at the same time we need to make our childrens filled with the skills which would make them capable in solving the problems in real life. Wont you try to do that in favour of your children?


Yes,this might be the probable answer, but we must keep raising funds to support them and making the incentives well raised in order to add more equipments and tools and the better laboratory demonstrators who can make sure to keep them engaged and be willful to be productive and spending hours in research and projects ; rather than spending time in outgoings and hangouts with peer friends and all that they do most often.

✪ Final Remarks.

At last,I all can say that, some day we will pass out from the world.Keeping knowledge inside us will just male rational demise of ours and if we dont make sure that the knowledge that we have gathered from experience is not properly maintained and served to them, our future generations will be incompetent more than any generation. This example will be violent and ominous.

We just cant do that to them.Can we?