Creativity In Children’s Education (Untold Part).

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Hello, everyone, parents,members, dignified guests, students and academicians, take my greetings and I welcome you all here in this great stage of learning and teaching.Education really serves a noble cause of shaping students life to great extent, making them capable of exercising the values upon which they get a chance to mould their character to meaningful prosperities.

If we search for true lights for young minds, then the one thing that will show you that beacon of light, that is education, not anything else.


Today,I would try to make my words to cover a certain context which I have been thinking for a long time to write down here in this community. If my Ideas are heard and shared with people who need it,then not only the students who would get benefitted from it but both of us will be mutually helped. it can only be said that, if education is thought to be light, then let me say one thing. If light is shared among many more entities, then the flame and aura would only increase and so as for education.
Education has just one way directives, it just increases upto a big limit, you cant cut it short or make pieces out of it, education I think a broad way spectrum that just rolls forward and grows on and on.

Most of the time, we observe that, our very education never tries to give enough freedom to our children.It is one of my harsh discoveries to say that, whenever I noticed that the exact same repetition is happening in our locality,I try to protest against it and try to catch the attention of the teachers who also try this to do.Maybe,you are not getting what actually I am trying to enclose to you,then I would say I am bringing out a concept pertaining to lack of creative practice in childcare institutions.


What I am going to say today is not about the notions that I read in texts and lessons,but rather this topic is more of experience based and what I saw with my own eyes reflect again and again and it bothers me much.If you have a kid and you sent him to a pre elementary schools or kindergartens, then you expect to get proper support from them and want your kids to have the learning and lessons how to be productive in life.Simply, this would come spontaneously and like you do and I also believe every children has a certain stockpile of their own ingenuity and creativity which is temporarily latent in their character.What is needed of them is to give enough reactors to their mind so that they get the stimulant to exercise that hidden talent.But, to utter surprise, those Institutions most of the time fails to offer that and try to teach the usual routine bound lectures and study plans one by one.

When mind is young and gifted, in the pre -flourished state, in the early latency you would expect to let those mind enjoy much of the freedom and openness, so that they could find better ways of finding a solution.Examples come floating everywhere I look.Maybe, you saw in the schools they provide students basic math problems to solve out,they also allocate time for the students to answer them in limited timeframe.The inner picture of the answers are modeled in the manner that, they are set in to learn and commit answers from their textbook early in the night before exam. What the hellish creativity will they learn if these are the samples of education?


Math problems should be answered from the basic point of view of students ability to plot the answers and unique ways of solving problems.Answers should be welcomed to come from different contextual viewpoints, no matter if the answers are wrong, numbers should be given on the basis of thinking out of the box if we support creativity. But, often teachers dont try to follow that and want answers to be written in the same form they taught that to the students in the clases taken before the exam.That is what the actual scenario is,how terrible!!! 😮

But, I guess we would see new ways of solution to come in this field,if our global educators can think of changing the nature of it and educate the teachers and train them so that they bring forth the motive of rewarding and evaluating gently to all the students who like to think creative and do creative things.

Thanks For Reading and I appreciate your time.If you like my Ideas then do follow me at @ford.stem, rehive, opine and support me to carry my research forward about education.

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