My latest Maths video from my youtube series teaching maths online, Multiplying and dividing complex numbers in polar form

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Learn how to multiply and divide complex numbers in polar form

required knowledge: polar form, rectangular form, trigonometry

This course is suitable for any student doing a second level Maths course, for example leaving cert (Ireland), A levels (Britian) CIE 9709 (International)

This is part of a playlist called Algebra, here is the link

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I've started this youtube channel with the goal of covering an entire secondary level mathematics course, especially with a lot of the world in lock down this seemed like the prefect time to start this project.

The main reason I'm doing this is the hope that 1 or 2 people get something out of it, but also I know it will help me be a better teacher. So even if not many people watch it I'll be continuing to the end of the course.

If you like this or would like to help me improve, check out my other videos on my youtube channel or I will post here so you can just subscribe to me here.

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