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A new section of The Louvre just opened.

The name?


Well, it's technically a combination of Art and Mathematics. The name's quite lame, I know.

The museum happens to be curating the best art pieces for the month with the theme of "Trigonometry." Desmos is a partner in crime for this artistic endeavor. As one of the great artists who happen to be experts on Trigonometry, you were invited to present your best art piece on the theme.

There are only two features to be met: (1) an artistic depiction of graphs of at least six trigonometric functions being merged through the use of Desmos, and (2) analysis of each of the utilized trigonometric functions by identifying the (a) period, (b) amplitude, (c) domain, and (d) range.

The challenge is up; will you rise to the top and be curated in The Louvre?


Well, that was what I told my students when I gave them a performance-based assessment in one of my Math classes. The task was to create an artwork using graphs of a trigonometric function and present their artwork to me. They did their piece, their pitch, and now it is time for me to select.

But I have a concern.

Martematics doesn't exist.

There's no such section in the Louvre.

I am not a curator.

But they did their works so well. I have to find a way to present them. So to makeup, I am posting what I selected in Hive instead - which is still equivalent to the Louvre, am I right?

With my students' consent, I am presenting the Pioneer Artwork of Martematics Gallery.

Art #1: Very Sus by Nicko

Check Nicko's work here

Nicko did an Among Us character who is surfing on the waves. If you click on the link of the actual output, you will notice that the waves are moving sidewards, and the surfboard is moving up and down. The waves are mostly sine and cosine functions, while the surfboard is two secant functions. I admire the dedication of Nicko in computing the exact domain and range for the functions in the Among Us figure so that the graphs meet each other. This is worthy of being displayed.

Art #2: The Sword that Grants Lightning by Geo


Check Geo's work here

Geo pitched this work to be as a sword that summons upon lightning bolts. Click on the hyperlink above to see those! The clouds above and below, which are sine functions with adjusted thickness, are moving as well because of a variable change. I love the aura the sword is exhibiting and the clean thought process of "drawing" the entire sword from tip to tip. Since I asked them only to use the trigonometric function, he utilized the asymptote part of tangent functions for the lines of the sword. Quite innovative, and of course, a Louvre Hive material!

Art #3: Yuna aka The Prettiest Girl in the World by Mat


Check Mat's work here

Ok. I'm quite biased here. They know I'm a Yuna stan, the visual and maknae of Itzy. Mat did me a favor and drew Yuna using Trigonometric functions. What he did is that he had this picture as the basis:


He individually traced the parts of Yuna's face and her accessories using trigonometric functions. It must have taken him forever and a high level of knowledge in trigonometrical functions to be able to do such. He used a lot of tangent functions to trace the picture and even went into the details of Yuna's earings by experimenting with the domain and range.

This was a feat, and I am confidently sharing this with all you lovely visitors of Martematics.

Art #4: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Desmos Art by EJ


Check EJ's work here

Rimoro Tempest died again. This time, he got reincarnated not as a slime but as a Desmos Art.

This is EJ and his vast display of talent. He loved this anime, and he wanted to draw it in our Desmos project. What he did was he used a lot of tangent functions and played around with its range to craft the precise lines for this figure. He also specified the domain and range for the functions to create the lines and curves of Rimoro.

When he first showed this to me, I was surprised since I thought it would be unlikely to happen. Beyond my expectations, really. And I am proud of hanging it here.


As a teacher, I realized how untapped the potential of every individual is. I also was able to contemplate how everything can be graphed. This is just a peek at how trigonometric functions can exist in drawing, but when considering all mathematical graphs, we can see the aspects of math everywhere. Everything that we see in the real world - they can be graphed.


That's it for our feature today. I hope you were as amazed as I am, and I have decided to share some of my educational works here in The Louve Hive.

In our next Martematics Gallery, I'll be showing you how I did Role Playing Games for my class activities. Here's a peek:


Don't forget to drop a comment about the experience of this gallery walk. See you around!



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Not really a fan of Math or Digital art but this is interesting. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼. Thanks for sharing Eu.

It's actually fun! Hahaha

Hi @eudadol . Wish I’m one of your students. Can’t wait for your next Martematics gallery. You are amazing and your students are so creative. 👏👏

Thanks Goldi. I am also excited for your posts actually. Been waiting hehehe

Back in our school years I really hate math and art 😭😭 and now I see this, OMG! Pila kaha akong magrado ani hahaha

Anyways, Congrats to your students @eudadol This blog is amazing. 💪

I wonder who this is.... anyway, hahaha I had fun with this also but I dont think ill be able to do as amazing as this hahah Tnx again!

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The making behind those cool images was really complex. My brain cells just collapsed haha. And I stan Yuna too lol.

I know right. Oh fellow Midzy! Hi.