Technology Requirements In Online Learning

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Hi there. In this short education post, I talk about the technology requirements in online learning.

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  • Online Learning Largely Adopted
  • Computer Requirements & Costs
  • Technical Knowledge Requirements


Online Learning Largely Adopted

Online learning is largely adopted as an alternative to in-class learning. The education system has to continue on. Halting the education system would be a waste of time for those who are willing to learn and would be a waste of funds.

As technology has improved a lot in the last 10 years or so, the online learning experience has been improved as well. Connecting with others online has been easier, online whiteboards make it easy for drawing and producing other visuals and file transfer systems are easier and faster to use.

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Computer Requirements & Costs

Computers are pretty much a modern necessity for connecting with friends, family, business people and for productivity. One of the major cons with online learning is that a computer is required. Not everyone can afford a computer. For those who have low incomes and are not able to do online learning do miss out unfortunately.

Some online learning platforms may have higher technical requirements. Higher technical requirements as in more RAM, Disk Storage and a fast and stable internet. A Chromebook, tablet or cheaper laptop may not be enough as it may not be fast.

A microphone and webcam is very helpful for online learning. A computer mouse is helpful instead of using a laptop trackpad for on screen navigation.

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Technical Knowledge Requirements

Having the technology equipment and tools is still not enough. It is important to be able to use the computer, the internet, the keyboard, the computer mouse.


Do check that the computer is connected to the internet. You may need to connect to a home internet network or a workplace internet network. A password is often needed for security purposes for connecting to a network.

A web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Brave Browser would be used to display internet web pages. Internet web pages would allow for access to information in the form of news pages, videos, audio, etc. Some internet pages are learning platform websites which allows the learner to connect with an educator online.



Typing is important in order to communicate with words, sentences and symbols on the computer with the internet.

For many people, typing is not really natural for the fingers and hands. It is a learned skill. Many will do a hunt and peck method while looking for certain letters to type out words, sentences and symbols. Keyboard combos are important in order to type out capital letters and for symbols such as ^, &, *, +, # and @.

To improve typing speed, some typers use touch typing. Tools such as Touchtype and TypeRacer are good for practicing typing for accuracy and speed.



The computer mouse allows for on-screen navigation and for clicking online buttons. Left clicking on the mouse is more common than right clicking on the mouse. Some computer mice do have a mouse scroll wheel to navigate up and down on a page.


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There are always ways to adapt and learn. I homeschooled my kids for years prior to the pandemic. We rarely used the internet for our learning. We spent a lot of time in the library using their free resources. Though I am aware not everyone has that luxury in all parts of the world.

I think that learning must continue no matter what is happening in the world. What did children do before the internet?

interesting article and some great points. Thank you for sharing it.

Since you're interested in learning (and teaching?) perhaps you might enjoy this article on 'how to be smarter' that @ryzeonline wrote? If not all good. Just wanted to provide some value.

Wishing you a wonderful evening/day/night lol depending on where you live.

~love, Cyn

A great topic in these times of pandemic where we all have to adapt. 😄