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Hi there. In this math education post, I highlight some Christmas math games. The math games here are for younger students and not so much for high schools math students.

Screenshots are from the respective websites.

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  • Holiday Games From
  • Christmas Lights Math
  • Other Games


Holiday Games From is one of few math game websites that I do like. They have a good mix of math games and I have found out recently that they have some holiday math games.

Holiday Addition Facts Puzzle Games


This addition facts game has the player move the picture piece from the bottom right to the right answer. When all the pieces are put together, a nice picture is formed. Each playthrough is random with the questions, the ordering of answers and the picture from the puzzles.

addition_puzzle_pics.PNG also has the same game but with subtraction, multiplication and division.




Christmas Lights Math


This Christmas Lights Math game is a flashcards style math game designed to improve speed & accuracy with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Note that this game is somewhat loud.





Players answer as many questions as they can before the timer runs out. Correct answers help as the game rewards players with Christmas lights for the player to decorate the in-game houses.




Other Games

Snowball Fight



Snowball fight is a math game with a snow setting. Players can practice their arithmetic skills by throwing snowballs at one of three guys with the correct answer on the ugly sweater. Obtain the highest score possible before the time runs out.




Math Colouring Worksheet

There are some math colouring worksheets online. This is one that I found that is available for free. It is from Super Teacher Worksheets. This worksheet has basic addition questions and you colour a region depending on the number answer corresponding with the key at the bottom.



Christmas Block Coordinates - Worksheets


Math Salamanders Website has some neat Christmas math worksheets which has some colouring involved. I do think that their Christmas Block coordinates worksheets are nice. Kids get practice with reading coordinates, do some colouring and discover what they have coloured at the end. They have colouring sheets which instructions for colouring in a snowman, penguins, an angel, Santa Claus, a reindeer and more.

Screenshot of website:



Snow Sprint - Multiplying Fractions


This game is better suited for winters than for holidays. The Snow Sprint game is a flashcards based racing game for practicing multiplying fractions.



Thank you for reading.


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