Algebra Math Games

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Algebra Math Games

Hello everyone. In this education post, I would like share some algebra based math games. A lot of math games online are for younger kids. There are some neat educational math games that are suitable for middle school and for high school.

The images are mostly screenshots from the games websites themselves.

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  • Math Games To Help Build Certain Skills
  • Negative Numbers Games
  • Solving Equations Games
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Math Games To Help Build Certain Skills

Math can be a boring subject to some. The practice involved in math does contain a lot of repetition, trial and error and even frustration. Math games are nice as they combine nice visuals, the games provide competition and are good for practice.

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Negative Numbers Related Games

Orbit Integers - Adding Integers

Orbit Integers is a four player online racing games focused on adding integers and negative numbers. The questions are in a flashcards multiple choice style format. A correct answer gives your spaceship a boost while a wrong answer halts your spaceship. Race to the finish and try to get first.



Integers Warp - Multiplying Integers

Integers Warp is like Orbit Integers but it is for multiplying negative numbers. Race to the finish and try to get first place.



Spider Match

Spider Match is an interesting game as it requires problem solving, creativity and fast reflexes. A random number appears in the middle. The player has to select two numbers that add together to equal the number in the middle. Number options are either positive whole numbers or negative numbers.

As this is a multiplayer game, do select the number options before your opponents. A point is obtained for each successful integer addition. Score the most points to win.



Fruit Splat Addition


This math game from Sheppard Software features adding integers together. There are three levels where level one if adding integers from -5 to +5, level two is -15 to 15 and level three for -50 to 50.

With game modes you can choose a Relaxed Mode where you answer ten questions. On Timed Mode you can answer as quickly and correctly to increase your score. On either game mode, you can choose fast or slow fruit.


Similar games from Sheppard Software include Fruit Splat Subtraction and Fruit Splat Multiplication games.


Solving Equations Games

One Step Linear Equation Games


This is more of an exercise than a game. Math students can practice their algebra with solving one-step linear equations. The harder cases do contain negative numbers.



Two Step Linear Equation Games


This game is an extension of the one-step linear equation game mentioned above. Doing two step linear equations is a bit more challenging than the one-step version mentally. You may need to have scrap paper for doing some of these questions. This game is good for those who need algebra practice.



Other Games

In this section, I showcase other algebra related math games and exercises.

Square Root Practice

This square root practice game is a flashcard format based game for memorizing square roots. It is also good for building speed. Knowing the common square roots helps with algebra speed and for reducing radicals.



Jumping Aliens - Multiplying Monomials

Don't get fooled by this game from Arcademics. It looks like a little kids game but the questions are more for grade eight and grade nine math students. Multiply monomials and click on the right answer from the choices on the screen.



Order Of Operations

This order of operations game from On.Mathgames is a flashcard style game with multiple choice. It is good for building algebra skills and number sense which is important for high school math and beyond. The link is for grade seven according to the website. Here is the Grade Eight Version for more difficult problems.



Quadratic Rush - Factoring Exercise

This game is really nice as it relates with factoring quadratics when the leading coefficient in front of x-squared is 1. Players determine two numbers that add up to a certain number and those same two numbers that multiply to another number.

In the first screenshot, the player determines two numbers that multiplies to 6 as well as the same two numbers that add up to 5. The answer here is 3 and 2 or 2 and 3. The numbers are inputted through the game's keypad.


As shown in this second screenshot, the game difficulty can be set after clicking on game options. The default difficulty is beginner. A harder difficulty gives larger numbers and more negative numbers.


Thank you for reading.