A Collection Of Educational Online Math Games

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Hi there. In this post, I cover educational online math games. These online math games can be used as supplemental learning resources or for homeschooling purposes.

The images below are screenshots from the websites.

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  • Arithmetic Math Games
  • Fractions Based Games
  • Algebra Based Games
  • Some Toytheater Website Games


Arithmetic Math Games

Splash Learn - Addition Games

SplashLearn does have a page that is dedicated with addition games. They contain games for Kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3.

The addition games for Kindergarten deals with numbers less than 10 while the grade 2 and grade 3 addition games deals with numbers higher than 10 and three digit numbers.



Canoe Puppies - Two Digit Addition


This online multiplayer racing game is in a flashcard style format. For every correct answer, the puppy canoe goes faster. The objective is to win the addition race. You do have to be fast with addition and with answer selection with the computer mouse or touchscreen.



Balloon Pop Subtraction


This subtraction game allows the player to control a virtual bee that pops balloons upon clicking on a balloon. For 6 - 2, you would start with six balloons and would have to pop 2 balloons by clicking on two balloons. There would be four balloons left and check your answer on the play button on the bottom right.

This game is quite easy. It is suitable for Kindergarten and grade 1.



Penguin Jump Multiplication


This particular math game reminds me of one of those Mario Party mini games. In a 4 player multiplayer racer, you control a penguin. Choose the correct answer to a single digit multiplication question to advance forward to the next ice block. A wrong answer would make the penguin jump into the water and you would have to try again. Reach the finish line first to win the race.

This game is great for grade 3, grade 4 and maybe grade 5.



Math Pac Man


This Math Pacman game is a variation of the original Pacman game. Instead of collecting all the dots, you have eat a ? icon first. Once that is done, you eat the ghost which has the answer to the math question at the bottom of the screen.

This game is more for fun that it is for education. Interesting game nevertheless.



Splat Bounce Division


This math game is like the Doodle jump game. Control the painter left to right with the mouse. The painter will bounce on the solid platforms. Every time you touch a spring or boost type item, you have to answer a division question. Get in right to boost the painter even higher. The game ends when you fall at any point.

I would say that this game is more for fun than for education.




Fractions Based Games

Fractions Games On SplashLearn

SplashLearn also has a page dedicated for fractions based games. This is nice as fractions are one of the tougher topics in early mathematics. Visualization in learning fractions helps in my opinion.




Puppy Chase - Fractions To Decimals

This is one of my new favourite math games online. I did not such a game existed before I found this. It is a racing style game where the player converts fractions into decimals. Every correct answer gives the player's dog a boost. Aim to finish first in the race.

This game is suitable for grade 6, grade 7 and maybe grade 5.




Algebra Based Games

PEDMAS Order of Operations Exhibit


Order of Operations

This website is more of a flashcard than a game even though it is listed on MathGames.com. Questions that appear are in the order of operations format. Answers have to be inputted in the blank. There is no multiple choice in this one.

This is suitable for grade 6 and grade 7.



Some Toytheater Website Games

In a previous post, I did feature the ToyTheater website for math tools, math games and for English language based games. With this section, I feature a few games that I use often in my Mathnasium work from the Toytheater website.

Multiplication Racer

This multiplication racer game contains 5 levels against a CPU opponent. Get the correct answer to give your racer a boost to the finish line. The multiplication questions are in a multiple choice format.




Subtraction Sumo

You control a small sumo wrestler against a larger CPU controlled sumo wrestler. The CPU sumo wrestler pushes you back over time. Get the correct answer in order to push the opponent back. You beat the level when the CPU moves away from the circle. There are 5 levels in total where the last level is the hardest.




Area Climber

This Area Climber game is very simple and quite colorful. The player chooses the correct rectangle associated with the area in the question. Winning happens when the coin is collected at the top of the ladder after many correct answers. There is also Perimeter Climber.




From this research, I did find another website with their own neat collection of educational games. I do plan on a future post which features that website.

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Thank you for reading.


Excellent information, the good thing is that the games are not only for small children, there are also for children of more advanced courses, with these tools is easier real learning. Thx for sharing!

From my work, the math games for fractions and algebra have been helpful. I was glad that such math educational games exist.

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Me encanta este contenido muy interactivo y dinámico para el aprendizaje de los niños excelente