The inappropriate use of CELLULAR TECHNOLOGY in CHILDREN.

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Since the evolution of technology many things have improved for human beings and have also been facilitated on a daily basis, this has undoubtedly greatly enhanced the industries and especially telecommunications bringing as benefits more efficiency and effectiveness in the processes, which results in more profitability for all people.

However in the communicational part the technology through cell phones allowed the immediate approach of people to be able to communicate from far distances to a few meters, but in children it has caused a distortion in their development if they use them from very young, since I turn them into beings with many limitations among which we can mention.

Difficulties to express themselves in public: The communication is only through a telephone device finding an ease from their space since it is their favorite environment, but when it comes to do in public is not in their comfort zone and is blocked, as it clashes with the reality to which it is not accustomed.

Expression of motivations: All his emotions and expressions are made through emoji, i.e. with the images that brings configured the phone and not verbally and physically, which translates into a real difficulty to let out emotions such as joy, sadness that are so necessary for the human being, turning him into a cold subject.

Creation of a virtual world: His whole life is seen through the use of the telephone and he does not find an area that is more appropriate than being actively interacting on the phone, it is the only and primary means to communicate with all his friends and family, finding the physical interaction out of step with reality.

Little interaction with the environment: His whole life revolves around his subject-phone relationship and his surroundings are not part of it, as he finds it unknown, his circle of life is very small and with difficult access to more than the virtual.

Lack of exercises to strengthen muscles: Little or no physical exercise makes his muscles do not develop fully and strengthen to be a healthy subject, no doubt that the lack of exercise translates into diseases and very serious health problems.

Technology has been of great help to human beings, as it has improved many processes and thus made life easier for people, however I think it is necessary that everyone lives their stages of growth and development, since the use of the phone in children with few ages produces many problems that are irreversible, causing physical, emotional, psychological and even behavioral damage in their growth. It is better to Prevent than to Regret.


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