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The new educational technological model that is being implemented in the world is transforming the way students are receiving their education for their teaching-learning process, ie the new way of learning to interact with new forms of communication, these new trends that teachers put at the service of education as digital tools so important today, being these:

- Online learning.

- Artificial and Generative Intelligence.

- The Metaverse.

- Mobile Learning.

- Virtual Environments.

- The Blockchain.

- Evaluation of Three-Dimensional Tools.

Undoubtedly, all of these help in a very significant way for the learning of the students.

We can also highlight that the way in which information is received today has also been the way in which knowledge is evaluated, focusing on the skills and competence that have been shown and developed by the students, and not only as it was before that static knowledge was evaluated, in this way the educational spaces or environments are also changing, as well as the bases of knowledge are being created on new paradigms that is to say to leave aside the behaviorist education for a constructivist education.

These new trends have allowed the creation of new communication channels for interaction between all those who are part of an educational environment, be it teachers, students, representatives, among others.

On the other hand, technology will allow all educational institutions at any level to offer educational environments with new experiences in the teaching-learning process, that is to say, a hybrid process, where face-to-face models will be present as well as the remote model, also known as the virtual one.

These new technological trends are allowing greater flexibility in educational models, as well as a new approach to learning in a very deep, meaningful and also practical for all students, consolidated in the same way box of multiple tools that is lost sight of to continue creating, developing and transforming the educational process.


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