Culmination of the school year / some results we did not expect.

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For many of the middle school institutions in the country, the school year is ending and with it, we find many joys for overcoming one more step, where the representatives are very happy for all the effort they and their children have made, with this new normality after the pandemic, but for other representatives it is not so, because their children for different reasons did not reach the minimum grades to be able to pass to the next grade.

I would like to point out that I was able to witness a conversation that two representatives had in relation to the results that their children had at the end of the school year, where each one of them expressed the situations through which their representatives lived.

We can say then that one of the students had an excellent participation in classes, where he did not have any absence in his school year, fulfilling all his activities and where the teacher observed a commitment of the student with his learning in an outstanding way, in addition he participated a lot in classes and served as a stimulus for his classmates to be more outstanding and to worry more about learning, reaching the student a higher grade in the institution.

However, the other student presented attendance problems in the first months of classes, since he showed up intermittently and moderately presented the assigned activities, with very little participation in classes, achieving low grades that with the passing of the year he was able to improve.

On the other hand, his family situation affected him a lot, improving by the middle of the year when he was able to continue with all his activities and finding an encouragement in his representatives to finish the school year with strength, even though he would not have the expected grades, but valuing the effort and commitment to learn.

However, when he received his report card he was deferred, it was then that the representative requested a meeting with the teacher and expressed his disagreement with the matter, and the teacher responded that the child had learning problems. The teacher responded that the child had learning problems, and for that reason that was his grade.

The representative considered that the teacher was not right and asked to speak with the direction of the Institution, finding a response to perform an evaluation with the psychopedagogist of the institution, which is a professional who tests the students to rule out that they may have learning problems.

This evaluation was carried out and the student did not show any signs of learning difficulties in any area of knowledge, however after the interviews with the student and the teacher, it was determined that the teacher lacked interest in teaching the students who do not attend her classes every day, as well as lacking the tools to diagnose this type of problem.

After this procedure, the board of education took action on the matter and the student was able to overcome this problem and move on to the next grade..

Had it not been for the concern of the representative for his son, as well as having full knowledge of the skills and educational abilities of his representative, this student would have lost the school year.

To conclude I want to emphasize that school grades is a subjective value of knowledge, since there are great teachers, doctors, scientists who did not achieve the best grades in their studies, but with the passage of time and their commitment to the profession deepened their knowledge to be the best..

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