Completion of the school year / Goal achieved or failure.

in Education8 months ago
The culmination of this school year is very significant for all teachers of basic education, because it was a year where they went through many difficulties for many of the teaching professionals, all because the students at the beginning of their school year arrive with knowledge of learning lessons taught by their representatives who were those who were in these two years of pandemic at their side to support them in their education..

It should be noted that it is a great effort that teachers must make when their students bring to the classrooms with habits and routines learned at home due to not being able to attend their schools and rub shoulders with their peers and teachers, who are the main examples of teachings and behaviors of young people.

All this is very difficult for teachers, and has led them to carry out extra activities in their classrooms in order to contribute more to their teaching-learning processes, as well as to the development and potential of the students, so that they can deepen their knowledge and share more with their classmates, that is to say that they see themselves as a group of friends and classmates and not as a group of strangers.

Undoubtedly, this activity is not easy for children to assimilate, because it breaks with their comfort zone, which they had achieved years ago as a result of the pandemic and where they had another perspective of traditional teaching than the one they actually have now as the virtual one.

Therefore it is crucial that both representatives and teachers row towards one side, guiding students on the right path, where adjustments must be made and are necessary for their teachers to use the tools and technological resources that serve to further deepen their psychological and educational development..

To conclude, it is necessary to understand the whole family and educational environment of the students since they are all part of the teaching and are a determining factor for their future, in turn each one should return naturally to occupy the roles in the life of the student, teachers at school teaching and serving as a guide and encouragement for their development, as well as their parents giving them love, understanding and support throughout their journey to reach the next goal..