Why is it cold when it is cold in nature? And why do we get this snow? Reasonable and sensible explanations!

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You know, to be is to perceive and to be perceived, and perception is fundamental in nature, and it is about how we are perceiving when we are perceiving, and this is how you and me understand the life when living here. But why is it cold during the winter, and why do we get this snow where we get it? So, the temperature and the snow have implications for our individual and social affairs when being on the earth while we are here.

When there is winter, the sun's rays have not enough impacts on making the earth like a warm living room. So, the sun angle is low, and the days are shorter, and this makes the dark days, and the darkness has even a longer duration from day to day. So, there is not enough time and capacity from the sun for warming up the air where the sun is present from day to day. And there are variations for the sun light different places at the earth, and this is making it colder and warmer from place to place when doing the different comparisons from the weather situation from place to place. Low sun angle means shorter days and cooler temperature, and hence we find the causes of the different temperature in the sun, and the placement that the sun has in the sky from day to day. And we are getting snow when it is cold, and when there is low pressure in the air, and together the low sun angle and the snow constitute what we are calling the winter period from year to year.

Some people believing in God and in Jesus Christ, think that the religions can be used to determine which weather that God is sending the earth, and its people. And when God is angry, the weather is bad, and when God is smiling, the weather is good. So, this is the destiny related to the weather at the earth, and we can agree or disagree in what is happening, and this implies that God determines which weather we are having from day to day in the places where we are. So, things are coming from God, but many believe in other religions, and some are claiming that the evolution theory and the Big Bang is correct, but we should believe in what we want, we cannot prove it, and we do not know where there is a God and Jesus Christ, but we have plenty of books and experiences about it, and therefore many people believe in Christianity.

We have much darkness when there is little sun or no sun during the days, and this implies that the weather is cold, and we are getting this snow when it is cold in temperature, 0 degrees or negative degrees, and therefore we are getting these white snow, and every snowflake is unique, and therefore what we are seeing is different in structure and in patterns when the snow is coming from time to time. And the snow is white, and therefore the snow is making the reality even brighter, and we can go skiing when there is snow, and we can use the snow to all the kinds of purposes that are possible.

We have a darker reality when it is darkness, and this is due to whether we are seeing the sun or not, and the less we are seeing the sun, the colder it is, and the darker we are finding the reality, and hence we are not having too many theories, but we should explain the reality as we are seeing it, and we should explain it in relation to what the perception is about what we are seeing with our eyes, and what we are hearing with our ears.

And there are four different seasons during the year, and these are the autumn, the winter, the spring and the summer, and we are perceiving different light from the sun to the season we are within from time to time and from place to place.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway


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For me, it just shows that everything is under God's control. He is the master of all. I believe this because I trust and believe Him.

I love reading your article. Thank you.

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