The world inventions; The history and the case of the DNA testing and sequencing, and this is about human genome mapping!

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You know, what we are knowing should be done with a winning heart and a winning brain, and there is often DNA testing, and something unique with the humans that are living and working from time to time, and how we are appearing when meeting people in life.

DNA is an abbreviation for `deoxyribonucleic acid', and it is found in all living materials, and there are some structures in the patterns that form an individual, and we need to find the patterns, and the technical solutions that is done in being any plant, any animal or any human on the planet.

So, people doing investigations and research, they are trying to find the traces and the origins of everything by using DNA to find wheter some people were guilty at doing something, or trying to find which person has done whatever thing on the globe. And there is structure and also unstructure in our ways of thinking, feeling and acting. And we are just choosing to do things in life, of all the things that are sensible, stupid, plausible and probable.

So, the police and other institutions, they are using DNA when finding the guilty person or the guilty persons for any crime. And there are many books on criminality, and finding who has done which things, and why things are as they are, and why there are the patterns that we find visible due to the persons that are with their personality within systems.

How did really these things with DNA come to the surface with different things that the researchers have ever done on the planet? Well, there was a Swiss researcher discovering DNA in 1869, and his name was Friedrich Miescher. And this made the very start of the design and analysis of different structures within the human body, and making all kinds of experimentation about the persons that were suspected of doing something wrong. And in life we can do all the wrong things, and all the correct things, and the better and stronger we are within the right things, the fewer failures we are doing, and we can try whatever entrance that is possible in life, and this thing is either wrong or correct, and therefore life is about guessing if we cannot know everything for sure.

DNA is genetic information and protein synthesis, and we are finding the structures in the families, and they are quite equal in patterns from person to person within a family. Although, what can be done to any time anywhere, is just about who we are, and why my personality is like it is due to psychology and social psychology in my mind, in my brain, in my heart, and within the body just as the body is. And many sciences are trying to find something in the persons and in the reality that is linked to real things that we find, and maybe we sometimes should agree within things, and maybe we sometimes should not agree about some or all of the opinions and standpoints.

So, when trying to do something anywhere, we are just persons making traces where we are and where we have been, and we should do things with conscious and confident mind and brain and we should do investigations within ourselves and other people when trying to find the patterns of what to do anyway. And research is just new and established ways of thinking, and sometimes we know the structure and way of framing, and sometimes we know something, and at other times we know nothing. So, therefore, we do not know all things that are happening to any time, and we should be ourselves, and we can ignore cooperation if it is stupid. Or if there is much cooperation for doing the right things, we should do them. And we cannot agree in all things in life, and therefore as humans we are all equal and/or different coming from the human nature in the nature, and according to the philosopher Rousseau, things and humans and animals are going back to the nature, and we should just do what is coming to our minds and brains when being here, and we should be careful and properly with making all the investigations that we want, also all the kinds of marketing investigations that are possible to be done nationally and internationally!

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway


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